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When Are Disinfectants “GREEN”?

According to one expert, Rebecca S. Kaufold, Chemist at Spartan Chemical Company in Maume, Ohio: “Disinfectants are designed to kill, hence, they are not considered ‘green.’ Disinfectatnts, however, are necessary in specific applications, such as in an operating room. This is where product usage and facility priorities come into play. The Building Service Contractor (BSC) needs to work with the facility to identify what kill claims are necessary and determine what types of products carry those claims. From there, the BSC can try to find the ‘greenest’ product.

The greenest option may include a neutral pH (safer for the worker than something highly alkaline), low or no VOC (improves the indoor air quality for building occupants), or no phosphates (that can be harmful to aquatic life).

BSCs should also consider the intended product use. Infection control through disinfectant use is important in high contact areas (door handles, faucets, etc.) Low contact areas, like floors may be better served with a good cleaner. The BSC should be willing to discuss these alternative cleaning options, as well as alternative chemical options, with the facilities they service.”

Mike Sawchuk, VP Enviro-Solutions/Charlotte Products, Ontario Canada, tells us: “Even though in the United States there are currently no green certified disinfectants (as they are not allowed by the EPA), Business Service Contractors should always review and compare the disinfectant attributes and advise their customers of those facts and why they are using a particular disinfectant.”

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Source: Contracting Profits, April 2011, “Defining Biobased Chemicals & How to Disinfect with Green In Mind”