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Take Cleaning OFF Your List This Fall

It’s almost here…   School days.

And if you thought it was bad running the kids to friends’ houses, the mall or the movies, fall really turns up the heat with sports practice every single day, honors society, and a host of other after-school activities.

Yet, even with all this go-go-go, the mess in the house somehow manages to grow-grow-grow.

When do you find the time to clean it? Because the only thing that’s worse than cramming two hours’ worth of cleaning into your already hellatious schedule is the thought of coming home every day to a dirty house.

Well, there is an answer, and it need not cost you an arm and a leg, either.

Put Sparkle On The Job!

Whether you want us to whip the place into shape once a week or do a deep clean once a month, we’re here to make your life that much easier this fall.

Rather than walking in the door to that stale smell and the depressing sight of a week’s worth of clutter, you’ll be greeted by the fresh smell of a clean kitchen and the savory sight of a living room that doesn’t look like a hurricane just blew through.

Better yet, you’ll feel a huge weight lift off your shoulders when you realize you actually have a little time to relax, unwind, and just be you. That feeling in itself is worth a phone call to put us on the job.

Just call us at: 267-236-4792, talk to us about just how quickly your particular mess grows, and we’ll work out a price-conscious plan that gives you a clean house, a breath of fresh air, and that badly-needed break that can make your week.

Make this fall the time when you finally decided that running yourself ragged just isn’t worth it. Call 267-236-4792 today!