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Rings….of the Porcelain Kind

Everyone in developed nations have at least one toilet, hence the porcelain throne. What a marvelous invention! Push a lever and down the drain everything goes.

toiletNow there is the cleaning aspect of the porcelain throne. When you are purchasing supplies for this non-royal task, look for a cleaning product that will cling to the bowl and under the rim. Common concerns are black mold under the rim or ring at the water level line.

Let’s first address the water line ring. Rings can develop due to high mineral content or lack of frequent flushing. Should you have multiple bathrooms and don’t use all of them, be sure to flush the toilet at least twice a week. This will help eliminate the water from “standing” which allows the minerals to attach to the porcelain. If you already have a ring in your bowl, you may need a low-acid bowl cleaner. However, individuals who have septic systems should not use a low acid cleaner. An option for those with septic systems looking to obtain positive results, should try using a pumice stone for scrubbing. This cleaning method can prove to be time consuming; with no guarantees of removing the entire ring. Routine maintenance and diligence works best over time on toilets. Therefore remember to go the simplest route… flush, flush flush!

Now we address that black ring under the rim. In looking at that we see there are several types of bowl wands that can be used; from the old fashioned metal with bristles to plastic. I recommend staying away from metal as they can scratch your porcelain. Look for a wand that has two (2) heads, making sure one is designed to access under the rim.

Cleaning the toilet weekly will help resolve both of the above issues… or if life is just too busy… give Sparkle Professional Cleaning a call: 215.757.4014. We will ready the porcelain throne for your royal flush!

Written by: Sharon Bordak, President Sparkle Professional Cleaning, Corp., PO Box 7292; Penndel, PA 19047. Check out our complete line of services Here