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How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with Vacuuming

The primary reason Building Service Contractors (BSC) clean is to protect the health and safety of their clients’ clients – aka – the building occupants. Protecting health and safety should include careful chemical selection and usage, non-skid floor finish, restroom disinfection, touch point sanitation and prompt removal of trash to avoid attracting pests.

The most important benefit a BSC can provide a client is to improve indoor air quality. Our health is directly impacted by the air we breathe. Dust that accumulates inside a building carries with it soot, bacteria, allergens, paper dust, mold and dust mite droppings; couple that with outside dust, we have pollen, spores, various natural toxins, pesticides, fertilizers and plain old airborne soil making air quality poor at best.

BSCs can do a lot to remove dust particles from the workplace, including the use of: HEPA filter vacuums, hard surface floor vacuums, microfiber dust wipes and damp mops. Keeping in mind that fewer noxious particles inhaled by the client’s employees means lower health care costs, fewer sick days, and a more productive, healthier staff at work!

Using a backpack vacuum allows janitors to easily access corners, edges and under furniture. Vacuum filters are essential in maintaining good indoor air quality for your clients. Allergens (spores, pollen, bacteria, dust mite droppings, etc.) range in size from about 10 microns in diameter down to a micron. Standard paper vacuum cleaner bags generally filter out particles down to 10 microns, reusable cloth bags are even worse.

Vacuuming with standard paper (or cloth) bags pulls lots of fine dust (and allergens) out of the carpet, and pumps it into the air. Fine particles can remain airborne for eight hours! So if your BSC vacuums at 2 a.m., the client’s staff is still breathing in air borne allergens at their 10 a.m. coffee break. A HEPA filter will capture particles down to 0.3 microns in diameter, and virtually filters out all of the allergens keeping them in the filter and not redistributing them back into the air.

Perhaps the most significant benefit a janitor or BSC can provide his client is to improve indoor air quality. Let your environment sparkle! Call Sparkle Professional Cleaning Corporation at 215.757.4014 and inquire how we can help!

Source: Contracting Profits June/July 2011, Improve IAQ with Vacuuming, by: Bob Croft