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Residential Cleaning

February 13th, 2013

Our Services
We give you the “gift of time” while providing you with a clean and healthy home. To get things started our friendly and professional Cleaning Specialist will set up an in-home consultation and give you a FREE quote. During this meeting our cleaning specialist will discuss your personalized and detailed cleaning program and make sure that all of your specific needs, preferences and budget are catered to. Once a cleaning program is established, our trained, bonded & insured cleaning technicians will arrive at your home at the time agreed upon and get to work!

Initial Cleaning
This is a detailed clean, much like the “good ole spring cleaning” of eras past. The initial cleaning addresses woodwork, doors, ceiling fans and cobweb removal  to name a few. After your initial cleaning is completed the areas will be continuously maintained during each service. We will provide the equipment and products, unless you prefer we use your products and equipment. Because this is a more in-depth clean, the time it takes to complete this service will be longer than other services.

Continued Maintenance Programs
Our maintenance cleaning programs are uniquely designed to meet your needs and includes: bathroom cleaning and disinfecting, kitchen cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and mopping or washing of floors (hands & knees). Items that do not require cleaning each time are placed on rotation. The technicians arrive with all equipment and products (we offer environmentally-friendly cleaning products too), saving you time, energy and money. Or if you prefer, our cleaning technicians will use your products and equipment.

Frequency of Service
Each client decides how often they would like their home cleaned. We provide weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly service as well as offering cleans on an as need basis.

Customer Satisfaction
We want to meet if not exceed our clients expectations. This is achieved from client’s utilizing our pre-paid postage Survey Card. Management reviews all Survey Cards and addresses any concerns promptly with follow-up contact to the client.