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Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

March 4th, 2014

carpet cleaning_2During our site visit our certified carpet technician will discuss your concerns, specific needs and answer all of your questions. Prior to starting the carpet cleaning process there is a mandatory pre-Inspection of all carpets to be cleaned.  During this pre-Inspection we are able to determine the soils and stains for proper pre-spotting treatment.  The longer dirt is on/in your carpet the more it adheres to it. The purpose of the prespot is to separate the dirt from the fibers, loosening it up for cleaning. Carpet deodorizers neutralize odors by eliminating them at their source. These agents work hard to provide instant relief from odor so that you get a fresh, clean scent you can trust. These deodorizers are available upon request. Carpet cleaning methods vary from bonnet to hot water extraction Sparkle offers both methods and upon inspection our certified technician will determine which is the best method to use, for the best results, giving you the assurance of a job done professionally and thoroughly.

Your furniture is as important to a room’sappearance as your carpet.  Why would you skip having it cleaned?  Upholstery can hold on to allergens for years, causing discomfort for you and your family.  Allergens and dust may also settle into furniture causing decay and a shorter life span for your favorite lounge chairs and sofas. Upholstery acts as a filter, trapping dust, dirt, gases, animal hair, and other soils which may not come out simply from vacuuming.  Our specially trained technicians will assess the conditions of your furniture and be sure to individualize treatment, leaving your favorite furniture as good as new.

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