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Spring Cleaning: Who Does It and How?

March 30, 2014

Who is most likely to do spring cleaning?

Generation Y is taking the lead as the group most likely to initiate a spring cleaning session this year. Eighty-two percent of Generation Y (our nation’s group of people ages 18-29) has done or plans to do spring cleaning in 2011. There’s a discrepancy between why men and women choose to clean, and what they will do for spring cleaning as well.

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ReACT: 10 Things Your Cleaning Lady Doesn’t Want You to Know (TLC)

March 9, 2014

When we see something that makes us stop and say, “Is that right?” I think that’s good enough cause to make it clear to the web readers of the world that you have a reaction worth noting. That’s the reasoning behind our ReACT blog entries, for your future reference. It will give us a chance to comment on the words being shared in our industry and take part in the controversy or argument. Today’s topic is less of an argument than it is just plain feedback from individuals who have used a cleaning service in the past. It’s good to hear the truth about your experiences with people who you hire, but in this case, the act of generalization is hindering the truth.

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